Week of November 14, 2021

1) NJ Redistricting: The redistricting of Congressional districts in New Jersey is underway. The Commission is holding hearings now for the public to voice their concerns and suggestions. Please sign up so that there is robust representation for NJ7! Information is here: https://www.njredistrictingcommission.org. Note that we want to ensure that NJ7 remains competitive and is not skewed toward “giving” the district to Tom Kean Jr. Please also pay attention to discussions on social media, pushing back on any suggestions that NJ7 should be sacrificed by the Democrats to ensure that other Democratic incumbents have a clearer path to re-election.

2) Committee on Recruiting and Marketing: Can you be part of a Recruitment & Marketing committee to bring IGSV to more people? The committee will work on efforts like using social media to spread the word, reaching out to relevant local groups, and more. Your ideas and efforts will help keep IGSV alive and growing! Email Sarah Morgan at sarahmorgan@gmail.com to join this new committee!

3) Volunteer Opportunity: Hurricane Ida brought great devastation to NJ communities, including Lambertville. This month, the Western NJ Democrats Community Service Team is seeking donations of gift cards for Fisherman’s Mark, who is coordinating some of the relief for Lambertville. Their most requested items are gift cards from Walmart and ShopRite in small amounts. ($25). Let’s make a difference and bring some home goods and food purchasing power to those affected! Please RSVP to Susan Ayr DeNegre (sdenegre@comcast.net) or to Donna McCall (dmccall15@gmail.com) ASAP to arrange for getting donated gift cards to Fisherman’s Mark.

4) Build Back Better: Time is slipping away from passage of the Build Back Better Act. Call this week to let all three of our Members of Congress know that you support this bill. Information from Indivisible is here: https://indivisible.org/winning-inclusive-recovery-house. You can read more here: https://newrepublic.com/article/164386/build-back-better-act-will-get-enacted.

Quote of the week: “The #BuildBackBetter plan will make child care, prescription drugs, housing, and other necessities more affordable for working families. We need to get this done.” – Sen. Elizabeth Warren, https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1459974965856505861