Mission, Vision, and Structure

Our Mission

Indivisible: Garden State Values is a community organization that seeks to influence our elected representatives to enact policies that are evidence-based and equitable. We offer programming to educate our members about issues, representatives, and candidates; calls to action to enable coordinated work that is more effective than individual actions; and online and in-person space to build connections among neighbors who have similar values.

Our Vision

Build political power to elect and support representatives who value Truth and Equality.


IGSV passed bylaws in May 2021. You can read them here. We operate under the guidance of a Leadership Council and committees. We have weekly calls to action and monthly group meetings.

Facebook users can ask to join our Facebook Group here.
You can also sign up for our email list by sending a message to IndivisibleGSV@gmail.com.
Finally, you can follow our Twitter feed at @IndivisibleGSV.

We welcome neighbors from all political parties, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds who want to participate in the democratic process to hold government representatives accountable.  All members are united by their defense and pursuit of Truth and Equality.

Organizational Status

All members of Indivisible: Garden State Values are unpaid, and participation in any and all activities is entirely voluntary. The organization does not directly raise funds for its operations, any political candidate, or any organization at this time.