November 10, 2018

Thank you to the 25 of you who came out to our November group meeting earlier tonight. It was so great to see so many of you, to celebrate all of our hard work over the last two years, and to look forward to our future efforts!

We had small-group discussions about the IGSV mission statement (you can read it on our Mission and Values page) and about what our priorities should be in 2019. We then gathered our thoughts as a whole group.

The general consensus was that we should continue to have weekly calls to action and monthly in-person meetings. Our mission will change slightly to remove “Trump” from the leading motivation, and to add a new bullet that we will resist hate, fear, and anti-democratic forces.

Specific action ideas beyond our calls and meetings were:
1) Write a letter to thank Lance for his service and ask that he ensure his legacy is one of decency and bipartisanship by standing up for Truth and Equality during his last 1.5 months in office.
2) Have a group trip to Washington, DC, in the spring to visit our new Congressman and remind him to represent Truth and Equality.
3) Focus in on the environment and on protecting Mueller.
4) Continue to collaborate with other grassroots groups around the area, including hosting joint meetings.

Sorry for the less-than-ideal pictures this time around. The lighting was poor and the group photo was taken by a 6-year-old who couldn’t quite keep his hands still enough to get everyone in the frame and in focus (yes, I’m throwing my kid under the bus)! But this will give you some idea of the group and the discussions.

Thank you for all that you have done to bring hope to me and many others. Onward!!