June 16, 2018

We had a great day of community building today. First, 15 of us (including three kids) volunteered at America’s Grow-A-Row planting winter squash seeds for harvesting this fall. Thank you to Susan Ayr DeNegre for organizing! It was a wonderful opportunity to contribute to an organization that brings fresh produce to people in New Jersey who have limited access to affordable, fresh fruits and vegetables. It was also lovely to talk with our planting teammates, as we measured two footsteps, planted three seeds, and kicked dirt over the seeds. Hopefully the Grow-A-Row staff won’t come back in the summer to find that some rows were double-planted and others were skipped!

In the afternoon, about 35 of us met for our June group meeting and second annual picnic. Many thanks to Laraine Weiveris Mocenigo and Jon Mocenigo for their generosity in hosting, and to all those who were able to join us. We had great food and conversation, plus we heard from Kathleen Murray about the wonderful work that NJ7 Citizens for Change are doing to try to flip NJ7 from Leonard Lance to Tom Malinowski. You can read more about their work and how to support them at their website: https://www.nj7citizensforchange.org. Laraine also shared with us her Lance Dance, which has four parts: I’m happy, oh no my constituents, backpedaling, and changing direction.

Our next meeting is TBD, but it sounded like there is enthusiasm to continue meeting through the summer and fall, even as people are putting in lots of time with the November campaigns. Stay tuned for details.