Week of October 3, 2021

1. IGSV Committee on Policing in America, pt. 1: Thank you to all who have responded to our survey on Policing in America last week. We are reviewing the responses to guide our programming for the coming year, and we appreciate your input. If you have not responded but still wish to, you can access the anonymous survey at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1y-_GR-xoj624nJ-vX3F62Pu2xyws1TjjEKdZgcQG4RM/edit.

2. IGSV Committee on Policing in America, pt. 2: In the early morning hours of November 19, 2011, White Plains, NY Police were dispatched to make a welfare check on 62-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain, a Black Marine Corps veteran and former corrections officer, who had inadvertently triggered his medical alert monitor. The ensuing interaction at Mr. Chamberlain’s apartment culminated in the police shooting him to death. The incident and its aftermath are recreated in a movie, The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain (https://www.killingofkcfilm.com), of which Morgan Freeman is an executive producer, and which is now available for rental through On Demand for about $6.00 (Amazon Prime, Apple TV, YouTube, etc.). We invite you to view this film and provide any reactions and observations you care to share in comments to a post Mike McCall will make to the IGSV FB page. WARNING: The film is hard to watch, as it graphically depicts verbal violence, including obscenities and racial slurs, as well as extreme physical violence, including homicide by firearm.

3. Phone banking in Spanish: New Jersey Forward 2021 is looking for people to phone bank to Spanish-speaking voters in New Jersey. RSVP for short-term dates here: https://www.mobilize.us/njdsc/event/404106/. Get out the vote efforts will begin 10/16, with RSVP options here: https://www.mobilize.us/njdsc/event/414544/.

4. Vote: If you have received a Vote By Mail ballot, send it in this week. Voting early ensures that you actually vote, and saves resources for any groups who might canvass you.

Quote of the week: “Biden has been a good-faith partner to the entire Democratic party… He is in fact a moderate… he reaches out. He tries to understand our perspective. That’s why I’m fighting for his agenda.” – AOC on Face the Nation on 10/3/21