Week of September 12, 2021

1) IGSV September Group Meeting: It’s this Saturday! We’ll be helping to canvass and write postcards in support of candidates in this November’s election. There will be opportunities to canvass and/or stay to write postcards and textbank. All activities will be outdoors and socially distanced. We will get to hear from the LD23 Democratic candidates near the start.

RSVP by email to indivisiblegsv@gmail.com to get the meeting location. Thanks in advance for helping to Get out the Vote in this critical year for New Jersey elections!

2) Hurricane Ida Relief: Keep reaching out to friends who were impacted by Hurricane Ida flooding. And call Congressman Malinowski for working to get federal emergency disaster relief for all of the counties in NJ7 (see https://twitter.com/Malinowski/status/1435654534148333576).

3) Committee on US Foreign Policy: As announced last week, IGSV is forming a committee to educate ourselves and others regarding US foreign policy. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Peter Schutz at 908-463-7343 or at schutze@csi.com.Peter writes: US foreign policy is important for a number of reasons:

  • Approximately half of our discretionary tax dollars go towards military spending ($740 billion).
  • Most Americans know and care little about foreign policy, making it possible for special interests to push their agendas that are often racist, unjust, violent and expensive, causing death and misery to millions around the world.
  • Our own mass media often does not give us a clear picture of what is happening.
  • We have a responsibility as citizens of our democracy and of the most powerful nation in the world to influence how our country treats other people around the world.

Consider joining the committee to do a deeper dive into these topics and more!

Quote of the week: “Our political leaders will know our priorities only if we tell them, again and again, and if those priorities begin to show up in the polls.” – Peggy Noonan