Week of August 29, 2021

1) Voting Rights: Last week, the House passed the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (https://www.npr.org/2021/08/24/1030746011/house-passes-john-lewis-voting-rights-act). It now goes to the Senate and will be considered in September. Call our two Senators to thank them for supporting the Act. Then ask what they are doing to ensure its passage. You can read more about the Act here: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/08/21/us/politics/democrats-voting-rights-supreme-court.html.

2) IGSV Walks/Runs: In pre-COVID times, IGSV had monthly walks or runs at the Columbia Trail in High Bridge. Although COVID continues, the IGSV Leadership Council is wondering if there is interest in starting these up again this fall. Please fill out this Google Form by September 4 to let us know your interest and availability: https://forms.gle/MAr9QYHnHnzJ8fX99. Note: please fill it out even if you are not interested so that we know how everyone is feeling. Thank you!

3) IGSV September Meeting: For our September IGSV Group Meeting, we will be helping the LD23 candidates with their campaign outreach through postcard writing and/or canvassing. Save the date of September 18, starting around 10 am! More details will follow!

4) Indivisible University: Indivisible will be launching Indivisible University on this Wednesday, September 1! The training series will cover a wide variety of topics including data, group sustainability, organizing tactics, race equity and inclusion, and so much more! Please sign up here if you’re interested: https://indivisibleproject.formstack.com/forms/indivisible_university_application

Quote of the week: “In my book it’s pretty simple. If you work hard to prevent people from voting, you pretty much admit your ideas aren’t popular and you fear the verdict of people.” –Dan Rather