Week of March 28, 2021

1) Eliminate the Filibuster: Indivisible has a good explainer about the problems with the filibuster (https://indivisible.org/resource/congress-101-filibuster) and why filibuster reforms will fall short (https://indivisible.org/resource/why-reforming-filibuster-doesnt-go-far-enough). Contact our two Senators to let them know that you support ending the filibuster completely.

2) Local History Lectures: The Township of Lebanon Museum is hosting two virtual lectures in April and May about the recently discovered history of a program in New Hampton in the late nineteenth century to “reeducate” Native American boys. An “outing program” for the Carlisle (PA) Indian Industrial School included sending students to work for American families, including families in Hunterdon County. You can read more about the lectures here: http://www.lebanontownship.net/services/museum.aspx. Curator Gina Sampaio, a good friend of IGSV, is incredibly excited about sharing this local historical story that speaks to the long struggle in the US for equality.

3) History resources from our March meeting: We had a great meeting yesterday led by Rutgers history professor Jamie Pietruska. She recommended a few resources, which you should check out this week or in the near future: 

Quote of the week: “I have not been able to unite Congress, but I’ve been able to unite the country, based on polling data.” – President Biden at his first press conference, held last week