Week of January 31, 2021

1) February IGSV Group Meeting: This is a quick turnaround from our last meeting, but our next group meeting is this Saturday, February 6, from 3-4:30 pm. We will be joined by Hunterdon County Clerk Mary Melfi, who will speak about what lessons were learned from the 2020 election and what we can do to strengthen voting moving forward. Note that we will NOT be talking about Susan Soloway’s attendance at the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally in DC.

Please RSVP by email to indivisiblegsv@gmail.com to get the Zoom link.

Feel free to spread the word to any others who might be interested, whether they are in IGSV or not. This is a great opportunity to hear the on-the-ground perspective on voter registration and elections.

2) Convict Trump: If you haven’t yet, please call our Senators to ask that they continue to support a trial that gets to the heart of the coordination that occurred in the lead-up to January 6, including orders to not allow the DC National Guard to help and a January 5 meeting at Mar-a-Lago among prominent Trump supporters and “Stop the Steal” organizers. Donald Trump’s five lawyers who were slated to defend him in his Senate trial have all resigned, indicating the awfulness of his defense. You can read the Indivisible explainer here: https://indivisible.org/demand-your-senator-support-conviction-and-permanent-disqualification-donald-trump

3) More COVID Relief: President Biden has requested a $1.9 trillion bill of additional COVID relief, but a group of 10 Republicans have asked for a bipartisan deal that is significantly narrower and therefore is likely to be significantly less effective. Call all three of our Members of Congress to ask them to support a plan that includes 5 items: an increase in the minimum wage, expanded health care access, fair treatment of immigrants through access to the bill’s benefits, increased aid to state and local governments, and direct cash assistance to families. You can read the Indivisible explainer here: https://indivisible.org/relief-cant-wait-demand-congress-pass-covid-relief-bill. Let them know that you support using reconciliation as a means of passing the bill, even if it means that there is no Republican support.

4) Hold Republican Representatives Accountable: While Marjorie Taylor Greene has attracted a lot of attention this week, she is not the only Republican Representative who is at best flaunting House rules and at worst threatening the lives of other House members. Their actions include supporting insurrectionists on or before January 6, refusing to wear masks around others, and insisting on carrying firearms in the Capitol. Call Congressman Malinowski to let him know that we expect all House members to abide by the laws and rules of the House, and that there should be accountability when they are not followed. You can read Indivisible explainer about Greene in particular here: https://indivisible.org/demand-your-representative-expel-marjorie-taylor-greene.

Quote of the week: “[I]n a democracy, the people are the ultimate source of power. Our elected officials work for us, and they fail us when they decline to tell us truths that we, the people, don’t want to hear. Even worse, they fail us when they set up false expectations we desperately want to believe.” – Eric Cantor, https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/many-of-my-fellow-politicians-wont-tell-voters-the-truth-the-result-was-jan-6/2021/01/28/08e38ff6-618a-11eb-afbe-9a11a127d146_story.html