Week of August 16, 2020

1) IGSV August Group Meeting: Our next IGSV group meeting will be August 29 from 3-4:30 pm via Zoom. We will talk about the book “We are Indivisible”, written by co-founders of Indivisible Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg. We’ll summarize the book at the start of the meeting, so please attend even if you haven’t read the book! We’ll also talk about how IGSV has changed over the past 3+ years and where we might go from here.

Please RSVP by email to indivisiblegsv@gmail.com to get the Zoom link.

You can see more about “We are Indivisible” here: https://book.indivisible.org/

2) Save the USPS: The Trump administration efforts to undermine the USPS in order to rig the November election have now reached a critical level. Sorting machines are being decommissioned, mail dropoff boxes are being removed, and Trump admitted on Fox Business that the election is his motivation. First, call all three of our Members of Congress to let them know how seriously we view this and to ask that they immediately act to secure the USPS. Indivisible has an explainer here: https://indivisible.org/tell-your-representative-act-now-save-us-postal-service. Second, Blue Wave NJ is coordinating rallies to save the USPS this week. You can see locations and details here: https://www.bluewavenj.org/postoffice. Westfield 20/20 is coordinating a rally on Friday from 12-1 pm, if you are interested in a rally within NJ-7. Please attend a rally if you can!

3) Volunteer at the Woodlands Wildlife Community Day: The Western NJ Democrats Community Service Team will be volunteering at the Woodlands Wildlife Community Day on September 13 from 12-5 pm. Please sign up with Susan DeNegre by email to sdenegre@comcast.net. Details are here: https://www.facebook.com/wnjdcst/photos/a.180760125990133/721871301879010/

4) Watch the Democratic Convention: This week, the Democratic Party will have its convention. Watch it to see where they honor Truth and Equality, and where they might fall short. The major networks are scheduled to air one hour at 10 pm each night, but the cable news stations will likely have more programming. Find out how to watch here: https://www.demconvention.com/watch-the-convention/.

Quote of the week: “Wake up on November 4 knowing you did everything in your power to make Trump a one-term president.” – Indivisible, https://2020.indivisible.org