Week of May 3, 2020

1) Local Aid: Congressman Malinowski has been leading the calls for emergency assistance to small towns, such as the ones that almost all of us live in. Without additional aid, our teachers, police officers, firefighters, and more would be significantly hurt. Read more about his efforts and call to thank him: https://malinowski.house.gov/media/press-releases/local-leaders-across-nj-07-call-congressional-leadership-provide-emergency.

2) Senate Control: The polls indicate that Democrats have a decent chance of taking the Senate in November. This is critical if President Trump is reelected, so that his agenda can be blocked more effectively. Turning the Senate blue is also critical if Joe Biden wins, because no action on our priorities for Truth and Equality will be taken if Mitch McConnell is still running the Senate. Sign up for Indivisible’s Payback Project here: https://www.paybackproject.org. They are targeting 11 Republican seats, with actions for people who are represented by those Senators and for those of us who are not.

3) Register for Indivisible National Call on May 7: Indivisible has been having monthly activist phone calls. The next one is May 7 at 8 pm. Please register here: https://indivisible.zoom.us/webinar/register/2915858534333/WN_lInkNelPTCG27QT6SELk4g.

4) Be Safe: As New Jersey begins the process of starting to reopen businesses, parks, and services, please remember that the risk of coronavirus is not gone. Be careful out there! You can read the latest guidelines here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/03/13/if-you-feel-sick-are-worried-about-coronavirus-call-your-doctor-dont-rush-er/.

Quote of the week: “This is a moment to reach out to the “future former Republicans” in our own lives, who are as horrified by the president’s response to this crisis as we are, and remind them it doesn’t have to be this way. The choice has never been clearer.” – Pete Buttigieg, https://twitter.com/PeteButtigieg/status/1256941212600320000