Week of December 15, 2019

1) Impeachment: It’s impeachment week in the House. The plan is for a vote on Wednesday, December 18. That means the “No One Is Above the Law” rallies will be on Tuesday evening. At Congressman Malinowski’s town hall yesterday, he announced that he will be voting in favor of impeachment. We need a strong show of support for him and a strong showing to let anyone on the fence know what the popular opinion about impeachment actually is. There are rallies in Princeton (Hinds Plaza) and in Summit (Summit Village Green) at 5:30 pm. Find the closest rally here: https://www.impeach.org/event/impeach-and-remove-attend/search/. Encourage others to attend too, especially in swing districts.

2) IGSV December Group Meeting: Our next group meeting will be this Saturday, December 21, 2 pm, at the Clinton library. Our esteemed member Stephen Leftly will be presenting “Getting to zero: What it will take to get to zero carbon.” This is such a critical issue as our climate system spirals toward crisis after crisis. RSVP here: by email to indivisiblegsv@gmail.com.

Please spread the word and bring friends! If you have not been to an in-person event in a while, please come to reconnect. Seeing fellow Resisters in person can help everyone stay motivated!

3) IGSV December Run: Our next monthly walk/run will also be on this Saturday, December 21. This month, we’ll participate in a formal event: Clinton will be hosting its second annual Santa Con 8K run. This is a benefit for the Red Mill, and was great fun last year! Please register here: https://www.itsyourrace.com/event.aspx?id=11510.

Quote of the week: “Courage is contagious, but so is cowardice.” – Tom Malinowski, discussing the challenge of breaking through President Trump’s support in Congress