Week of December 8, 2019

1) IGSV December Group Meeting: Our next group meeting will be Saturday, December 21, 2 pm, at the Clinton library. Our esteemed member Stephen Leftly will be presenting “Getting to zero: What it will take to get to zero carbon.” This is such a critical issue as our climate system spirals toward crisis after crisis. RSVP by email to indivisiblegsv@gmail.com. Please spread the word and bring friends! If you have not been to an in-person event in a while, please come to reconnect. Community is so important!

2) IGSV December Run: Our next monthly walk/run will also be on December 21. I’m going to switch things up a little, because I just learned that Clinton will be hosting its second annual Santa Con 8K run. This is a benefit for the Red Mill, and was great fun last year! Please register here: https://www.itsyourrace.com/event.aspx?id=11510.

3) Impeachment: Our members of Congress solidly support President Trump’s impeachment and removal from office. Keep calling to thank them for their support of our Constitution. More importantly, this week please think about any friends or family who live in districts with Republican Senators and/or Representatives. Encourage them to call their members of Congress to ask that they support impeachment (Representatives) and removal from office (Senators). It is time for the GOP to stand up for the Truth!Note that Trump supporters are using ads to try to protect him. Although this article argues that Democrats need their own ad buys, in fact, WE are the push-back: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/republicans-mount-ad-blitz-on-impeachment-making-some-vulnerable-democrats-nervous/2019/12/07/b771f2b4-1781-11ea-a659-7d69641c6ff7_story.html.

4) Taxes: We know that Congressman Malinowski is working to roll back the 2017 tax cuts, which were a gift to wealthy people and corporations. Call all three of our members of Congress to ask that they support higher taxes, particularly for the wealthy. The evidence in support of this can be found in Nordic countries like Finland: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/07/opinion/sunday/finland-socialism-capitalism.html. Higher taxes would support more robust health care, better education, and better infrastructure for all.

Quote of the week: “What Nordic businesses do is focus on business — including good-faith negotiations with their unions — while letting citizens vote for politicians who use government to deliver a set of robust universal public services.” – Anu Partanen and Trevor Corson, arguing for higher taxes in the US