Week of November 3, 2019

1. Vote: There is no greater way to participate in democracy than to vote in every election. If you received a mail-in ballot, please make sure you send it in on Monday or drop it off in person by the end of voting on Tuesday so that it is counted. If you are voting in person, make a plan now for when and how you will get to your voting location. If you need help, please email indivisiblegsv@gmail.com

2. Look for GOTV opportunities: Another way to participate in democracy is to ensure that as many people as possible exercise their right to vote. One option is the canvass in Bridgewater for our LD 23 candidates on Monday, 10 am to 2 pm. Sign up here: http://evite.me/K9Rncxm1yk.

3. Show up, part 1: Our next IGSV event will be our monthly walk/run at 8 am on November 16. Now that Daylight Savings Time has ended, it will be a little warmer and there will be a little more daylight at 8 am. This is a great opportunity to get a little exercise and meet other resisters. Meet at the Columbia Trail parking lot in High Bridge. All are welcome! RSVP by email to indivisiblegsv@gmail.com.

4. Show up, part 2: Our next IGSV meeting will be on November 23. More details will follow, but please save the date!

Quote of the week: “Voting is like alchemy — taking an abstract value and breathing life into it. Voting is the expression of our commitment to ourselves, one another, this country and this world. And the imperative to vote is genuinely nonpartisan.” – Sharon Salzberg